Risk Intervention/Threat Assessment Workshop for Schools April 17, 2018

Needham Risk Management will be holding a second risk intervention/threat assessment workshop for schools on April 17th at the Large Group Instruction Room in Cohoes High School from 9:00 A.M. until 12:00 noon. The workshop will cover a variety of topics, including:
• SAVE (Safe Schools Against Violence in Education) and DASA (Dignity for All Students Act)
• Lockdown and other emergency drills
• The role of the school community in the identification and prevention of community violence
• The creation, formalization, and maintenance of threat assessment/risk intervention teams

The workshop will be free of cost and is designed for law enforcement officials, school safety officers, school social workers and psychologists, and school administrators. Attendees must be affiliated with law enforcement or a New York State School for admittance.
To register please email us at Team@TheNeedhamGroup.com or call us at 518-860-1758